Kia Sportage GT-Line S on the rise

File pic: Kia Sportage GT-Line S

THE Kia Sportage has been available for a while. This family SUV is actually in its fifth generation, according to the Korean automaker.

Previous iterations were bland and dowdy.

When the third generation debuted, everything was different. Current iterations see the model on the up and up. It is on the rise.

The Sportage's third and fourth iterations significantly improved the model's image. Unexpectedly, Kia created a crossover that could compete with models from all other companies. With the most recent version, that feeling of uplifting seems to have increased.

GT-Line and GT-Line S difference

The GT-Line S adds heated steering wheel, headlamp washers, bi-xenon headlamps, and a clever park assist system to what is already included with GT-Line trim.

It has power assisted tailgate, "Ice Cube" design LED front fog lights, and 19-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment.

The Sportage is an excellent all-around family SUV that features one of the nicest interiors in its class, a huge boot, and plenty of front and back seat room.

When compared to more expensive competitors, entry-level trims

make a lot of sense because they come with a tonne of equipment in our favorite 3 trim. The Sportage is a more elegant substitute even though the Hyundai Tucson is marginally less expensive.

A space-age aesthetic

The fifth-generation Kia Sportage has a design that is most appropriately characterized as futuristic. The brand's new  opposites together design philosophy guided the appearance. If you follow my articles, you will read more about the Kia EV6 here, which gave us our first taste of this.

Those boomerang-shaped DRLs are without a doubt the most discussed feature of the design. They do, in fact, set the tone for a design that drew a lot of attention and a few raised eyebrows. This Kia Sportage

GT-Line S edition has dual-tone 19-inch alloy wheels, which have a straightforward yet intriguingly detailed appearance.

No less dramatic as the face is the back. Taillamps with intricate detailing extend from each corner onto the back door and are joined by a thin, body-wide strip. A small lip sits just above this strip, and a spoiler is present at the top of the glass. In a word, the Kia Sportage GT-Line S is stunning.

Modern interior

A high-tech interior complements the futuristic outward design. The cabin feels fresh and contemporary, and the fixtures also have a substantial feel to them. Along with piano-black plastic finishes and leather-feel upholstery, this Kia Sportage GT-Line S leads the competition. Though the shiny surfaces can reflect light directly into the eyes of the front occupants, therefore I would prefer a more matte appearance.

The driver is greeted by a curved digital display. The information needed for driving is displayed in the portion behind the steering wheel, while the touchscreen infotainment system interface is located in the center section. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included in the latter.

It is a good thing Kia decided to keep the tactile controls for the dual-zone temperature control system. These are located on the facia's lower part. Oh, and there are actual buttons on the steering wheel remote controllers.

A top-of-the-line Kia Sportage GT-Line S served as my test vehicle. Its center console, then, houses a rotary gear selector. The buttons for the basic seat heaters/coolers and the steering wheel warmer are also located on the same panel.

The door handles and matching air vents are just two of the excellent touches that give the interior of the car a luxury appearance.

Plenty of room

The new Sportage's cabin has more than enough room for the average modern family. The driver's side of the front seats has an electric adjustment mechanism. The rear seat backrest splits in half in a 40:20:40 ratio and may be adjusted to a variety of inclination angles.

A pair of USB-C charging outlets are conveniently fitted into the front seatbacks for the advantage of rear seat passengers. With a nearly 600-liter boot, it is among the largest SUVs currently on the market.

Only one powertrain

Kia decided to only provide one powertrain option for the 2017 Sportage. The 1,6-liter four-cylinder engine generates 132 kW/265 N.m. using turbocharging. For the local market, this engine is only coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The engine is a well-designed device that quietly disperses its power.

Peak torque is attained at 1500 r/min; thus one must use the throttle very carefully to avoid a sudden rush of acceleration. The steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters found on GT Line models are rarely, if ever, needed.

Supple ride

Kia Sportage GT-Line S wheels measure 19 inches in diameter. The car rides well despite the size of the rims. It moves along smoothly, and the suspension can handle most bumps without the occupants being unduly bothered.

One thing I believe might be improved is the tyres. Standard tyres often complain and don't provide the levels of traction and balance that one might anticipate from a vehicle with the Sportage's appearance. It is a little issue, but it might reinforce the impression of quality that permeates the entire product.

My decision

Kia is no longer a distant second. Products like the most recent Sportage are demonstrating why the company can legitimately compete against established competitors in the current automotive market. It is currently one of the top choices in the mid-size SUV sector because to its totally contemporary appearance, high-tech interior, and quality materials.


0-100 km/h: 8,8 seconds

Engine: 1,6-litre inline four, turbocharged

Fuel consumption: 6,4 L/100 km

Max power: 132 kW

Max torque: 265 Nm

Top speed: 201 km/h

Transmission: seven-speed DCT, FWD

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