Candid Comment: Bootlicking political statements detrimental to development

Daniel Garwe

ZANU PF’s Mashonaland East provincial chairperson and Housing minister Daniel Garwe this week told ruling party supporters in Murehwa that only those who believe in the ruling party’s leadership will benefit from government programmes.

Such statements are not shocking coming from a minister who has always been offside when it comes to dissecting how government operates in a democratic and progressive nation.

Garwe of late has been an architect of his own goals if it was in football circles. His desperation to please his political superiors is sliding into desperation of gigantic proportions.

 “We have dispatched the first batch of stands to our youths. Thanks to Murewa RDC for partnering with the party. It has been requested that we provide more stands so that every youth benefits.

 “However, we have had a few people complaining that the projects should not benefit Zanu PF youths only. Zimbabwe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is Zimbabwe, hence projects will go on. We will continue until they call for the removal of sanctions. These illegal sanctions have stalled our progress as we cannot build our country in the way we want,” Garwe said.

 “We are not going to be apologetic about handing these projects to Zanu PF youths because we have to take care of those who believe that we can build our country as Zimbabweans. Our country is blessed with mineral deposits, and we are currently parcelling out claims.”

 In a progressive country, this level of reasoning coming from a government official should be despised and castigated at the highest level. It is paramount to note that maybe Garwe sometimes forgets that being a minister, he is a representative of every Zimbabwean regardless of political affiliation.

His political childishness only points to someone who was appointed based on loyalty and this level of bootlicking is fast reaching dizzy heights. What if when we reach the real campaigning season, Webster Shamu might prove to be a novice in the game. It is critical to lecture Garwe that government projects belong to the people and everyone has a constitutional right to benefit despite political affiliations. Every Zimbabwean is a taxpayer and any benefit associated with government projects must be made available to everyone.

Garwe’s latest utterances are not only shocking but the desperation attached to them is too glaring to be missed even by the most illiterate. Such political statements pregnant with vitriol go against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s thrust on inclusivity and tolerance.

 Recently Garwe also made shocking utterances on the invincibility of the Zanu PF claiming that the ruling party had utmost control over all security apparatus.

 This Mugabe regime’s mentality is still possessing several government officials and it is critical to remind them that development projects are for the people of Zimbabwe regardless of their political standing.

The country belongs to every citizen and a political choice is a constitutional right.

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