Sharpen political prowess: Namibian MP

She said this was a necessity as it helped women to claim their space among their male counterparts on the political arena.

Young female politicians in Zimbabwe should sharpen their political prowess by focusing on innovative topics shaping the regional and international agendas, Namibian lawmaker Inna Hengari has said.

She said this was a necessity as it helped women to claim their space among their male counterparts on the political arena.

Her statement comes at a time when women, especially the youths are struggling to make a mark on Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

Addressing young women politicians during the official launch of the #ElectAYoungWoman initiative by the Women Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) in partnership with consortium partners last week, Hengari said young women should develop interest in serious issues.

“I implore young women to equip themselves with knowledge, skills and experience, stressing that mere election is insufficient.

“To truly make a difference, one must cultivate informed perspectives in global politics, economics, extending beyond gender-related matters,” she said.

Hengari underscored the significance of young women across the political divide in fostering consensus, transcending political differences for the betterment of the ordinary Zimbabwean.

“While challenging, it is imperative that we unite where possible, prioritising the interests of those we advocate for,” she said.

Hengari emphasised the need for young women across the political divide to unite against the common enemy — patriarchy.

“It really does not matter which political party you align with, there has to come a time when you find consensus and fight for a common cause which is the rising up of women in political spaces. If you are not too careful, men can use you to further their agenda,” Hengari said.

WALPE media and publications officer Helen Kadirire said there was need to garner support for young women in political spaces and the organisation was pushing this initiative through the #ElectAYoung Woman Campaign.

Kadirire said the campaign was a powerful tool to develop the country’s politics.

“The initiative was prompted by low numbers of young women who contested and won the 2023 elections and as such we sought to start identifying, grooming and mentoring young women for leadership positions,” she said.

Kadirire said a survey they conducted indicated that young women ended up disappearing from the political arena due to various challenges such as lack of grooming, mentoring and even resources.

“Our target by 2028 is not only to have a larger number but women of quality occupying leadership positions,” she said.

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