Zim, Egypt unions sign MoU

Zidamwu secretary-general Justice Chinhema said the opportunity to network with regional trade unions in the sector was welcome.

TWO trade unions from Zimbabwe and Egypt have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen bilateral relations and unity to help fight governance systems and policies which oppress workers in the mining sector.

The agreement between the Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Mineral Workers Union (Zidamwu) and Egypt’s General Trade Union of Mines, Quarries and Salinas Workers (GTUMQSW) is expected to set a cornerstone for establishing an African structure called The African Federation of Mineworkers and Mineral Wealth.

According to the MoU signed by GTUMQSW president Mohamed Samara and Zidamwu leader Lovemore Kapatire, the parties agreed to strengthen bilateral relations through exchange training courses and share experiences on issues of common interest.

The unions agreed to establish a joint stock company for investment in the field of exploring and extracting materials.

Zidamwu secretary-general Justice Chinhema said the opportunity to network with regional trade unions in the sector was welcome.

“This has been long overdue because solidarity among the African trade unions benefits African workers and it is a revolution on its own that shall shackle capital, governments included,” Chinhema said.

“More importantly, the discussion on how to push bilateral relations forward, the exchange of experiences and training courses are fundamental and enable us to unite and fight governance systems and policies that oppress workers.”

He said their firm belief was that Zdamwu and mine workers of Zimbabwe were 100% in support of the operationalisation of the African Federation of Mine Workers and Mineral Wealth.

“In return we are required to take home the date of the inaugural conference of the federation. Zdamwu and Zimbabwe will move a motion that the headquarters of this federation be Cairo, Egypt, and the candidature, of your union president be forwarded as the founding secretary-general of this federation.”

Chinhema said Zdamwu was a socialist left-wing movement which advanced systems that balanced power between capital and labour through approaches that guaranteed improvement, promotion, protection of workers’ rights and interests characterised by economic equality, good governance and justice for all in society.

“We commit ourselves to more exchange visits and activities in the area of training, organising as well as information exchange. We aim to reach where you are today in terms of numbers through your support,” he said.

“We seek your union’s support to achieve these demands and we look forward to your support in many areas so as to achieve African goals.”

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