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Numbers: How to connect branding, image and money

Through understanding the connection between branding and image, we can apply an image to money. Branding is linked to the image of money.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Sep. 23, 2022

Issuing invoices in the informal sector

Introducing a sequential brand register in the informal and formal sectors will promote Zimbabwean products, people and places.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Jan. 6, 2023

Legalising a business with compliance

A legal and financial combination of your trademark allows you to enforce your rights on every business transaction, either on an invoice or delivery note.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Mar. 24, 2023

Leaders strive to create benchmarks

Brands are compared and differentiated by their characteristics and attributes, as a more reliable and accurate measurement for consistent results.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Jun. 9, 2023

Mother’s touch and midas touch

The Zimbabwean community is relationship based.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Jul. 14, 2023

Gold and white papers

Digital art is accurately valued against the price of gold. The value of an artwork is assigned a specific weight of gold according to the measuring standard set by artists
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Nov. 3, 2023

Online shopping and small businesses

Sales online allow less physical presence in brick and mortar, which reduces operational costs by a marginal percentage.
By Tanaka Chikwenhere Feb. 16, 2024