Sunday Word: The church, God's statutes and paganism

The early deviant Christianity was exacerbated by its incorporation into the Roman Empire at the beginning of the 4th century, through the efforts of Roman Emperors
By Prosper Tingini May. 26, 2024

Chitembwe ‘unhappy’ with new signings

While avoiding to talk about the club’s title aspirations, Chitembwe said the objective every season has always been to win games.
By Henry Mhara Feb. 4, 2024

Hebrew Scriptures: False Messiahs in Jewish history

While there may have been numerous individuals throughout history who had the potential to be the messiah, you only get the title if you actually complete the job.
By Rabbi Ken Spiro Dec. 3, 2023

SA envoy officiates at Lemba Day commemorations

Jewish Messianic International Ministries overseer Jefius Matandu said the Lemba Day is commemorated annually.
By Allieway Nyoni Jun. 21, 2023

The Soccer Whiz: It can only be Messi

As I have stated elsewhere, if Lionel Messi is regarded as the GOAT, then Pep Guardiola surely must be acknowledged as the greatest ever shepherd!
By Zak Hawa Jun. 18, 2023

Respect artistic expression

ZimRights has noted how there has been a systematic attack on the freedom of expression in Zimbabwe.
By Amh Voices and Hstvzim May. 19, 2023

Devotion column: Walking with the Father

With all due care and diligence in execution of a plan, things can still fall off track. After all testing has been done in the laboratory and trials run, the unforeseen can still happen.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Jan. 14, 2023

Chipanga prophecises about new heaven, earth in new album

Chipanga, who rebranded his Broadway Sounds to Vaparidzi Veshoko in 2007, has over the years caused massive social gossip through many hit songs such as Kwachu Kwachu and Gushungo among others.
By Tendai Sauta Jan. 11, 2023

Argentina vs France at the 2022 World Cup: a great final

The 2022 World Cup final has been called a match of Messi's greatness and Mbappé's genius
By Thestandard Jan. 1, 2023