Beware of those who loot in the ‘national interest’

While Mnangagwa has distanced himself from the offending notice at the time of writing, nothing has been done to repeal it. So, it remains law.
By Trevor Ncube May. 18, 2023

Govt guns for maximum land utilisation

“Over 15 000 farmers benefit from the private sector-fronted NEAPS annually, while over 2,3 million small-holder farmers benefit from the productive social protection schemes annually,” he said.
By Freeman Makopa Apr. 20, 2023

Zim needs second liberation – from the liberators themselves

The saddest reality about visiting Zimbabwe is that people never speak about things improving, but rather how much they are going down, because for most people they are.
By Greg Mills and Ray Hartley Mar. 31, 2023

Illicit financial flows emptying Zim of its wealth

˜Transfers or movements of funds that are the proceeds of illegal acts, eg trafficking in drugs or people; and
By Veritas Dec. 30, 2022

Command agric scheme in inputs gridlock

Information gathered reveals that scores of youths farmers are yet to receive inputs under the programme after their applications were either rejected or delivery is being delayed.
By Taurai Mangudhla Nov. 22, 2022

Urgent need to rebuild Zim agric

We need to rebuild agriculture from the ground upwards. First, farmers have to have bankable security of tenure.
By Eddie Cross Nov. 8, 2022

Govt to mantain contract farming

GOVERNMENT says it will keep the contract farming concept in place as the country’s agricultural sector is battling for financial injection.
By Lorraine Muromo Oct. 31, 2022

World Bank calls for caution in agric financing

THE World Bank says government’s support to agriculture through quasi-fiscal activities (QFAs) are exerting significant pressures to the fiscus.
By Tatira Zwinoira Oct. 25, 2022

Feature: Command Agriculture: Benefit or burden?

The best way to finance agriculture is not through government, given its tendency to write off debts.
By Global Press Journal Oct. 18, 2022