Archbishop Guti — An excellent leader who inspired me to write my book: Mauye

Kennedy Mauye describes his mentor and father in faith, the late Apostle Ezekiel Guti as an excellent leader and discipliner discipler and expressed his gratitude to the late evangelist for inspiring him to pen his debut book.

IN his new book titled Character Matters, which he published earlier this year, academic and educationist Dr Kennedy Mauye describes his mentor and father in faith, the late Apostle Ezekiel Guti as an excellent leader and discipler and expressed his gratitude to the late evangelist for inspiring him to pen his debut book.

A towering figure and distinguished cleric, Archbishop Guti died on July 5 and leaves behind an enormous history of evangelism spanning 63 years since he founded the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Forward In Faith Ministries (ZAOGA FIF).

Dr Mauye’s latest personal development handbook explores the essence of character, why it counts and how to cultivate it.

An educationist by profession,Dr Mauye has served in various capacities starting off as a high school teacher and later on becoming a school head both in Zimbabwe and Zambia before subsequently joining full-time pastoral ministry. Whilst in Zambia, he co-pastored at the Lusaka city branch of the Zambia Assemblies of God Africa Church (ZAOGA) with his beloved wife Sibongile Mauye, and has been the director of Africa Multinational for Christ College (AMFCC). He has worked as a chaplain and deputy registrar at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University for almost a decade and is the current AMFCC College principal and marriage officer.

Dr Mauye stated that professor Guti’s book titled Vision that Gives Direction and Produces Faith greatly inspired him to write on the subject of character and its significance in shaping humanity from a spiritual point of view.

“His life and ministry are a source of inspiration to everyone who gets up close and personal with him. I will presently draw you to three profound statements that he wrote in one of his books entitled Vision that Gives Direction and Produces Faith," he said.

l “As you are developing your character to be like Jesus, you need to develop your areas of gift which God has given you” (pp.17)

l As you develop yourself in the character of Jesus, work out your life and develop your ministry. (pp.19)

l As you develop your character to be like Jesus, develop yourself as well(pp.20)”

It is against the background of these teachings which inspired him to pen his latest book.

“The first part of each of the three statements is what captured my attention the most. I’m not downplaying the need for gift and ministry to be developed as well. For the latter to function effectively, however they need the solid foundation of character. Therefore, through the cited statements, the Apostle and Servant of God fathered the passion in me to pursue character development that has culminated into the writing of this book,” he said.

Dr Mauye says he espoused the character principles and ideas in his book which he considered pivotal to the strengthening of the most important primary institution in the world, that being the family.

He says Archbishop’s Guti’s teachings in his books also underscored the need for every member of his church to strive for character development, and this was clearly articulated in their theme year for 2022.

In his foreword of the book, then Pro-Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs (but now Acting Vice Chancellor) at ZEGU Professor Innocent Chirisa stated that Dr Mauye’s book was anchored in the eternal word of God, spiced by experiential encounters in which his own character was built by grace of God and buttressed by the teachings of the great Apostle of our time Professor Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti.

“Character is not a stagnant monument; it is a variable. The way it varies according to the present text is that it should have a great productivity towards godliness and Christlikeness. I urge you to go ahead and taste this book and allow yourself to immerse in it”, he added.

In endorsing the book, Steward Bank CEO, Courage Mashavave described Dr Mauye as a man of integrity, passionate about an empowered society, and one who had stimulated greater impact through character building.

A holder of various academic qualifications including a BA Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate in Education, Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration (UZ), Masters in Strategic Management (Chinhoyi University), and a Canterbury in Christ Church University-accredited PhD in Ministry Leadership from Trinity College, Newburgh (Indiana-USA), Dr. Mauye is very passionate about the subjects of leadership and character development and has grown fond of ministering in these two areas of specialisation.

  • Fungayi Antony Sox works at Tisu Mazwi – a public relations and communication-centered social enterprise specialising in book publishing, education and storytelling projects. He writes in his personal capacity. For feedback contact him on 0776 030 949, connect with him on LinkedIn on Fungayi Antony Sox, or follow him on Twitter @AntonySox

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