Letter to my people: There is serious trouble in the cockpit

Launchmore and his 2IC don’t seem to be getting on well.



The silly season is upon us. We are in election mode, well we’ve been for the past three years really.

News reaching my ears is that there is trouble in the cockpit.

Launchmore and his 2IC don’t seem to be getting on well.

But, hey, I won’t get into detail because I’m not a rumour monger.

I found it interesting that the 2IC declared that Ngwena was the party’s sole candidate for the presidency in the 2023 elections.

If I was Launchmore, I would be extremely wary about such statements kkk.

The moment your 2IC starts making such comments, then you know you are in trouble.

I almost said “ask Baba” kkk.

But anyway, Launchmore declared his undying allegiance to Baba, he professed unimaginable loyalty, but we know how that ended.

I’m not saying what happened to Baba will happen to Launchmore, but my advice to him is that he should be wary.

There seem to be manoeuvres in that party with the likes of that Sybeth chap. Remember Romeo Zibani?

It’s the same script, just different characters.

Also, there’s that one who wrote a book and later turned around to say he was misquoted.

Interesting times ahead.

It seems we will have by-elections after all. This means Mwonzora runs the risk of having the shortest tenure as leader of the opposition.

I’m being charitable here, calling Mwonzora an opposition leader is a bit of a stretch.

He’s literally an extension of Launchmore and Zanu PF.

I have no doubt in my mind that if elections are held at anytime, Mwonzora will be nowhere near Parliament.

Speaking of which, Mwonzora and Sis Thoko were at the forefront of praising Launchmore’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).

I am not going to go into detail about the SONA because I honestly do not have the patience to listen to Launchmore.

However, what worries me is that Dougie and Sis Thoko seemed not to have qualms with the SONA, but any normal opposition would have made noise about the Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Bill.

In all honesty, civil society space is increasingly being constricted and soon we will have no NGOs to speak of except FONGO.

Kkk whatever happened to Goodson Nguni and his FONGO.

Civil society organisations are quite pesky and a nuisance, but they are important in strengthening our democracy as they keep the government in check.

But Launchmore, who pretends to be a democrat by day, has all the makings of an autocrat by night.

In the name of saving and serving Zimbabwe, all right thinking Zimbabweans ought to be up in arms against the PVO Bill.

It takes Zimbabwe a generation backwards.

If Dougie and Sis Thoko had Zimbabwe’s interests at heart, they would have been the first to criticise this patently autocratic legislation.

You were all up in arms against Baba, but he never made such a draconian move against NGOs.

It’s only that you are shy that you marched against Baba, but you all know deep down your hearts that Baba was a better leader.

He was a statesman. You made your beds, now lie in them.

The Obedient Son seems to be a serial land hoarder according to the latest media reports.

The Obedient Son is said to be the second largest landholder in Zimbabwe after the Oppenheimer families.

Yet his appetite for land seems insatiable. He now wants more land at Esidakeni. What kind of greed is this?

During Baba’s time, we were told that he owns literally the whole of Victoria Falls. Now he is moving into the rest of Matabeleland North province.

Yet Launchmore has the temerity to go on TV and accuse Baba and I of being multiple land owners.

If he was serious about stopping greed in land ownership, then the Obedient Son would be behind bars.

But Launchmore is all about sound bites and no substance, so there’s no chance of clamping down on the likes of the Obedient Son.

I’m worried though that the former Zapu stalwarts are silent when the son of their former comrade is being hauled through the coals by someone who defected from their party.

To be honest, as an ideological party grounded in grassroots, Zanu PF died with Baba.

Imagine my horror to learn that the airport crowds were bussed in to cheer Launchmore and were paid a hefty US$2.

That so many people turned up at the airports shows the extent of poverty in the country.

No prosperous person would agree to be scorched in the sun for that long for US$2.

It also shows that Zanu PF has no generic supporters because if the party had support, they wouldn’t need to pay people to attend their rallies.

To make matters worse, the party is really stuck in the past. Who still does airport rallies kkk?

Stop It!!!!!!


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)

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