Letter to my people: Yellow CCC is showing them flames

The calling for by-elections was not because this lot had suddenly discovered democracy, but rather they thought CCC was finished.


My Dear People,

Do you remember when you all went onto the streets kissing soldiers and thanking them for the coup?

I wonder how this is going for you now. Prices are going up daily and there is no respite in sight.

Until you apologise to Baba nothing will improve. I think you need to organise a bira to ask for Baba’s forgiveness.

This week, fuel prices went up again, but instead of having leaders who empathise with the public, we have ministers like Soda who are just there to make the public feel worse.

When asked about the rising fuel costs, Soda advised people to park their cars and use Zupco instead.

This is classic Mary Antoinette-esque. I know many of you don’t know Mary Antoinette so I will school you kkk.

She was the queen of France in the 18th century when France was going through social and economic upheavals.

The price of bread, which was a staple for the peasants, also skyrocketed.

When the French started protesting over the price of bread, Mary Antoinette advised that they should eat cake instead.

To cut a long story short, her husband, the king, was dethroned shortly after.

Soda’s statements are no different from Mary Antoinette and will only serve to make this government more unpopular than it already is.

Still on the fuel prices, may someone please explain to me why Zimbabwe’s fuel is the most expensive in the region.

I know one of the reasons is the immoral taxes that we are charged.

The government is literally wringing every last penny from us.

Instead of acknowledging that we are overtaxed, you hear Mthuli self-congratulating and patting himself on the back about his so-called surplus.

What is the point of a surplus when half the country cannot put food on the table?

I think Mthuli needs to have a word with himself.

Back to kissing the soldiers.

You thought democracy was on its way kkk, not knowing that things were about to get very dim very quickly.

CCC is literally a banned party in Zimbabwe. Whenever they try to hold a rally, the police come up with ways to block it.

Firstly, in Gokwe, police blocked the rally on the spurious reason that Launchmore was having his rally more than 100kms away.

How CCC’s rally affected Launchmore’s, is anyone’s guess.

In Kwekwe, yobs started violence leading to the death of one CCC supporter.

Yesterday, the police cordoned off Rudhaka stadium in Marondera where CCC was due to have a rally.

Another rally set for Binga has been shut down by the police because Launchmore has a function in Hwange a few days after the CCC’s meeting.

In response, CCC goes to the courts, where they will probably win, but the police will shut them down as happened in Gokwe and Marondera.

The grim reality is that CCC is not allowed to operate and the state will do everything to shut it down.

First they took away the party name, the party headquarters and funding and they thought they had destroyed them.

The calling for by-elections was not because this lot had suddenly discovered democracy, but rather they thought CCC was finished.

But the crowds that Nero is pulling have shocked them to the core and they are resorting to default settings — that is the brutal shutting down of the party.

I fear next year, the elections are going to show a side of these people that we haven’t seen in a while.

Hehehe who saw that Women’s Day article in the Horrid newspaper?

In the article, the Page 2 girl was described in the most glowing of terms and was literally deified.

Among other things, the article said the assistance that the Page 2 girl has given to girls and women has not been seen in the history of Zimbabwe since 1980.

I am not going to praise myself for the work I did, but this is absolutely shocking.

The Page 2 girl is being placed on a higher pedestal than Sally.

We all know Sally was loved by everyone and Page 2 girl is nowhere near Sally both in terms of her work and stature.

If I were to rank first ladies, in terms for their work, I would be number one, Sally second, third is Janet Banana and the Page 2 girl is a distant last kkk.

The article then goes on to say Zimbabwe is blessed to have a first lady like her.

Oh dear me. I dare the Horrid newspaper to do a poll to see if Zimbabweans think they are blessed to have the Page 2 girl.

The results will be shocking.


Stop it

Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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