Respect us, Lobengula’s descendant declares

Peter Zwide KaLanga Khumalo

A DESCENDANT of King Lobengula, Peter Zwide KaLanga Khumalo, has demanded that political parties should respect them by not fielding candidates from outside Matabeleland region in this year’s polls.

Describing the practice as disrespectful to the Ndebele communities, Prince Khumalo said it deprived locals the chance to lead their people in development and politics.

Addressing a Press conference in Bulawayo on Saturday, he said: “I represent no political party. I present the statement as a cultural and traditional leader within Bulawayo community stakeholders.

“I do so with the understanding and recognition that this region is multi-ethnic and that I and Prince Tshawe have decided that we take the lead in raising issues that negatively affect this region which are caused by political parties.

“It is our hope that political parties will take heed and consider their positions seriously and make amends for the betterment of the people of this region, in particular Bulawayo.”

He said just as much as Ndebele people respected the culture and rights of the Shona people in Harare, local stakeholders demanded respect for the Ndebele residents of Bulawayo.

“Today we have had people imported from other regions in Mashonaland to be councillors and MPs for this region.

“We have experienced councillors commuting to council meetings in Bulawayo in Honda Fit vehicles from Masvingo.

“Some of them cannot even read or write. Stakeholders are saying ‘no’ to Bulawayo being used as a dumping ground for people who fail to make it in their constituencies,” Khumalo said, pointing out that the region only had 37 constituencies out of 210, meaning that any loss would be huge.

“The issue is what does immigrant MP represents; is it the constituency and its people or he or she is just occupying another constituency in Matabeleland to increase the number of constituencies occupied by those in Mashonaland provinces?” he asked, rhetorically.

Khumalo added that it was unacceptable for someone to claim to represent the Ndebele people when they cannot speak the local language.

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