Chiefs make peace pledge ahead of elections

Traditional leaders

TRADITIONAL leaders who are part of the Kushinga Peace Club in Gutu, Masvingo province, are mobilising communities to exercise peace and tolerance during this year’s elections.

The Kushinga Peace Club, an initiative of Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT), hosted a traditional ceremony called nhimbe which was attended by supporters of various political parties in the district over the weekend.

Mundari village head Morgan Mundari said the traditional leaders had brought communities together as part of efforts to preach peace and tolerance despite political differences.

“We have realised that for development to take place, we need peace hence our concerted efforts to bring the communities together.

“It is encouraging that ahead of the elections, the environment is peaceful and there is a high degree of tolerance in the area,” Mundari said.

Headman Kurauone Mushipe from Mafukidze Village said the Kushinga Peace Club is continually encouraging peaceful participation in electoral processes.

“We have been reaching out to people to exercise peace and tolerance and it is encouraging that we have peace gardens where we gather all villagers to preach the gospel of peace. We have also targeted the youths in these programmes,” he said.

The event also coincided with the launch of Heal Zimbabwe’s As One campaign which seeks to promote tolerance and peaceful participation in electoral processes.

So far, HZT has launched its As One campaign in Buhera, Zaka, Makoni, Harare and Gutu.

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