Veld fires cause loss of Zesa equipment

veld fires

THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (Zetdc) has warned of recurring veld fires in the country that have been damaging electricity infrastructure.

Zimbabwe currently experiences electricity blackouts due to the aging plant at its Kariba hydro power station and the main coal-driven power generators at Hwange.

In a statement yesterday, Zetdc said some areas in Zimbabwe, mostly in the Western region, have been affected by veld fires which are destroying electrical equipment leaving hundreds of homes in darkness.

"The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (Zetdc) would like to apologize to its valued customers in the Western Region for power outages due to burnt poles caused by veld fires," read the Zetdc statement.

Zesa says veld fires have been posing threats to electricity infrastructure. This has resulted in businesses and industries being affected by power outages.

A recent Environmental Management Agency (EMA) report states that 3 948 fire incidents burnt 1 033 722.86 hectares of land during the 2021 fire season.

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