‘Dispersed location of members not ideal for 911 Band’

He noted that members of the group aspired to be a band that people invite when they need entertainment.

AFRO-FUSION group 911 Band has worked amicably despite its members staying in different parts of the country, a member of the band has said.911 Band member Matthew Mabengo told NewsDay Life & Style that members are dispersed around the country.

“Some are in Harare and others in Gweru, which is not ideal for the band which must rehearse and bond,” he said.Mabengo added that the band members met at church conferences and became friends, then decided to build something of their own hence the formation of 911 Band.He noted that members of the group aspired to be a band that people invite when they need entertainment.

“The number ‘911’ is an emergency number. We aspired to be the go-to band, the band that people call when they need entertainment but then there is a twist to it. Instead of extinguishing fires we ignite them. So having all this in consideration we came up with the name of the band,” Mabengo said.

He added that the members ensured that every member’s voice is heard in the song writing process by allowing each member to express themselves.“We establish roles when it comes to song composition. Some members are responsible for the lyrical content, others make the song progressions. By doing so, everyone has a part to play providing an even contribution among all members and every opinion is considered,” he said.

Mabengo noted that providing a platform for each member to express themselves and take their opinions into consideration has enabled them to talk about issues and embrace all their perspectives hence agreeing on solutions without anyone incurring resentment.

Apart from music, the band members attend church together sometimes to bond and strengthen their relationship. Other members of the band are Peniel Kariteni, Taona Tiakudze, Tanatswa Yotama, Clemence Shirichena and Tinaishe Mugari.

Mabengo believes that improvements in the music industry can be made by solidifying structures in which revenue and royalties are collected by the artistes.He also added that the industry was supportive of up-and-coming artistes and programmes had been established to assist them.

Last year, 911 Band won first prize of US$15 000 plus a recording contract when it emerged the winner of the Chibuku Road to Fame national competitions.

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