Patience pays off for top Byo fashion designer

GilmoreTee (L) and Bernard Hatirarami in Scarless suits,

KEEPING faith and trusting in God has paid off for Bernard Hatirarami a top Bulawayo fashion designer and the Scareless designs founder.

The 33-year-old fashion designer recently bagged the Roil Bulawayo Arts Award for Outstanding Fashion Designer after overshadowing Ganu By Ganu and Sana Designs.

Hatirarami has become famous for creating his signature suits at a studio in the City of Kings and Queens.

His clientele includes United Refineries boss and ZITF company board chairperson Busisa Moyo, former Mr Zimbabwe Shadel Noble, model and actor Ben Chest, socialite GilmoreTee and former Miss Tourism Zim Chipo Mandiudza.

He told NewsDay Life & Style that it has not been an easy road.

“I am grateful that I have held on particularly the time when I lost my dad as I also lost the zeal to go on. However, sometimes life throws curveballs at you, but you simply must survive. I was greatly affected by seeing my grieving mother,” the fashion designer said.

The husband and father said although winning a gong was a cherry on top, it was not his only highlight to date.

“My clientele has really grown and includes notable names in the city. I am glad that all these corporate players and media personalities are flocking to me, yet they are spoiled for choice in the city. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted,” he said.

“I have been specialising in suits and that is great because it grew my brand, but I have mostly done weddings and graduations. I have been keeping low from social events for a while, but next year it will be different,” Hatirarami said.

In his life of creations, the fashion designer wants to bring back denims because that is where he started, but there was not much demand.

On top of his list of priorities is to create a long-lasting legacy.

“I do not want to die with my brand and work, it must succeed me and outlive me for generations to come like all these other international brands,” he said.

“God willing, and he will, a factory and a couple of shops will come to reality in future. That way I will get to play my part in creating employment for the youth and get them off the streets.”

Hatirarami noted that he was currently facing challenges of fabric unavailability.


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