I’m an African princess: Feli Nandi

The talented singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, Feli Nandi lives a life of limited activities, but commitments with a zeal for success.

AS the sun rises over the bustling City of Harare, Felistus Chipendo, best known by her stage name Feli Nandi embraces each day as an opportunity to do better than the previous day. The talented singer, songwriter, and fashion designer lives a life of limited activities, but commitments with a zeal for success. She values her mental wellbeing and physical fitness as she commits to her business. Feli Nandi says she is not much of a social media person as she fears falling victim to cyberbullies. There is so much hate and negativity on social media, according to the songbird.  NewsDay Weekender caught up with Feli Nandi who shared her life away from the studio and showbiz.


I was partially raised by my parents and when they passed away, I moved to relatives in a well-oriented family environment, which played a crucial role in shaping the person I have come to be. This well-oriented family environment enabled me to learn my first lessons about love, trust and values. Within a supportive family, I received love, attention and care which fostered a sense of security and self-esteem.

A loving and caring family environment positively impacted my mental health and created a safe space for me to express my emotions. This laid a foundation for me to make ethical decisions in life, which have even influenced the way I present myself and treat others around me. It armed me with a strong moral compass to lead a fulfilling life. My upbringing was influenced by church. The presence of religious teachings had a profound impact on my personal development. I sing in church and this has helped in the development of my artistic skills.

Coping with pressure

A typical day unfolds through my clothing shop, where I spend most of my time. I own a clothing brand called Feli Nandi apparels which I started in 2021. My business takes most of my time. I often find myself with a number of roles, responsibilities, commitments, and time-consuming tasks. In order to succeed, I must adapt and differentiate myself from competitors in the same line of business. The constant need to surpass my rivals puts so much pressure on me and consumes a significant portion of my time. What drives me to keep on working in the face of pressure is the zeal to do better and become a different person from who I was yesterday. I prioritise my personal life regardless of being a busy person by taking time off to rest and relax.

Of mental and physical wellbeing

I walk a lot and I go to the gym once a week. This keeps me fit, I prefer walking since it is a low impact exercise that I do not need to put so much energy in it. Working out in the gym improves my overall physical fitness even though the exercises are quite uncomfortable and painful than just walking. When it comes to stress, it is inevitable and affects everyone from all walks of life. It is, however, very crucial to find effective ways to deal with and manage stress to maintain my mental wellbeing. I work and write a lot when I am stressed. For me, working creates a sense of fulfilment and I can also channel my thoughts in a productive direction, distracting myself in the process.  Journaling allows me to explore my feelings, identify stress triggers and find strategies to cope with and manage stress. I also have a great team as part of my management to ensure my mental wellbeing is safe, especially on social media. I really do not go on social media. There is a lot of cyberbullying and harassment where people hide beyind anonymity to bash others. There is so much hate and negativity which affects those targeted by the trolls. I have a small circle of people I hang around with who understand me. Having few friends and people around is less dramatic, there are minimal misunderstandings and much mutual understanding.

The style

I love my dreadlocks and they have become my trademark hairstyle. I like to look like an African princess and it gives me a sense of belonging, which strengthens my identity as an African. Embracing my identity empowers me to preserve and promote our cultural treasures.

Moments of gratitude, pain, healing and the unbelievable

The moment I am particularly grateful for is the day I met Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi. He held my hand and encouraged me when I launched my solo career. The most painful and difficult phase of my life was when I lost my mother. It also took me a lot of time to heal. The most unbelievable thing is that I eat sadza three times a day.

Fight for the girl child

I have partnered with Population Solutions for Health as an ambassador to help fight child marriages. The campaigns help to highlight the potential implications of child marriages from the long-term physical, emotional and socio-economic implications. I like to use my platform to foster a positive social impact.


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