SOUTH African electronic music producer Aero Manyelo recently joined forces with Afro-jazz prodigy Josh Meck to release a new single titled Musuwo Wamambo.

The single reflects the harmonious blend of cultures between two music gurus as they paint a musical canvas of respect and reverence.

The collaboration is the result of Meck’s The New Beginning Tour which saw him performing in South Africa late last year. The award-winning artiste and his band played at various events including The Music Imbizo conference in Durban, the Four Ways Fashion Lounge in Mamelodi East as well as The Jazz Room at Doppio Zero in Rosebank and The Music Folklore Festival in Johannesburg.

It was during his South African tour that he met Manyelo through OddXperienc, a South African multi-talented duo that creates dance, soulful and vocal house music.

“I was recording a song which is a collaboration that I did with OddXperienc and it so happened that Aero was there. We then linked up and decided to do a track together. We recorded the track instantly and this is the product that we came up with.”

“Musuwo waMambo echoes the sweet symphony of respect, guiding us into the realm of royalty with each note beautifully articulating the essence of honouring traditions as we step into the presence of revered communities,” Meck told NewsDay Life & Style, adding that the single is a club version of the song. The original version is set to be released soon and will have additional components such as the bass guitar and other instruments, he said.

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Meck has released three singles since returning from his tour including the recent project with Manyelo. His other singles are Kapoto a song that features C Keys and C Note. In another single, Anenyasha, Meck partnered producer, singer and songwriter Nyasha Timbe.

The artiste has a regular slot on Fridays at Old Rock Space in Borrowdale until the end of April and hinted at upcoming gigs one of them being at The River Brewing Company in Victoria Falls.

He frequently performs with two of his colleagues as “The Josh Meck Trio”. On Sunday, they play alongside the Dzikwa Trust Fund choir at the Francolicious Buffet de la Francophone, a culinary and live music experience set to take place during Francophone Week hosted at Alliance Française de Harare.