Zimbabweans should not be shy to make money as the government has created the necessary environment to do so, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

Speaking after commissioning the US$30 million new Bakers Inn plant in Bulawayo yesterday, Mnangagwa, however, cautioned that the processes of earning money should be above board.

“We must not be shy to make money,” he said.

“Where we are creating an economic environment for those who want to excel, there’s no limit. Make money, make money the best way you can.”

The new plant is expected to cover about a quarter of bread deliveries in the Matabeleland region.

“It is, therefore, pleasing that the baking sector has witnessed significant investment inflows through recapitalisation and retooling, making a transition from antiquated technologies,” Mnagagwa said.

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“As a result of this new plant, I expect Bakers Inn to lower their production costs, enhance product viability and deliver quality goods at reasonable prices.”

Mnangagwa said the government was in the process of enhancing irrigation capacity to ensure that local players in the baking industry have enough feedstock.

“To complement government efforts, I urge players in the milling and baking industry to increase the number of contracted farmers to boost domestic wheat production and that of other crops,” he said.

“Furthermore, I exhort investors to invest in the production of other raw materials required for baking, which are currently being imported, such as fats and enzymes, among others.

Mnangagwa also implored the industry to do collaborations and synergies with institutions of higher learning for the development of enzymes and other products that improve the quality of bread.

He called on local authorities to facilitate the ease of doing business through “guaranteeing quality and uninterrupted service provision to both the private sector and the rate-paying public”.