HISTORIAN and writer Phathisa Nyathi says Africa is not yet free because Africans are yet to get their freedom and respect from other continents.

He revealed this on Friday at an Africa Day commemorative event at Methodist High school in Bulawayo.

The event was organised by Liberty Ndaba who teaches History and Ndebele literature at the school.

“Africa is not yet free; we still have a long way to go. We ourselves contribute to this because we have adopted and believed things not in our country and we belittled ourselves and our culture,” Nyathi said.

"Our continent is not respected, there is nothing joyous about Africa. Nothing has changed from what our forefathers went through, but instead these things are now being done in an advanced level."

Nyathi said there was no black person in the world.

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"We were told we are black and we accepted, this name was given to belittle Africans and impose slave trade on our forefathers," he said.

“Our food is also not respected, when will food like umtshwankela be sold in big stores? Why are these foods only sold on the streets?

“We are ashamed to eat our forefather's foods and have adopted to eating white people food like pizza, bread and do forth.”

Nyathi urged Africans to be proud of their cultures, adding that they must not see trees as weapons of witchcraft, but as medicine.

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