MIDLANDS State University student Garikai Mawere (21) has penned A Woman’s Cry, a third novel in his collection which delves into gender-based violence.

Mawere told NewsDay Life & Style that the book is about a young girl who is blinded by love, but her life turns upside down after her chosen partner Martin, shows his dark side.

“The book narrates the life of a 19-year-old girl Nandi, who finds love at a young age. She then drops out of school and elopes to live with her partner Martin against her parents’ advice,” Mawere noted.

“Because she refused to listen to her parents, the young girl met her karma. Her honeymoon was short lived as Martin turns out to be a monster who draws his wealth from ritual killings.”

Mawere added: “After Nandi is murdered by Martin as part of the ritual, she comes back from the world of the dead after 12 years to haunt her tormentors. The question then is: Will her screams from the after world be heard?”

“One of the major reasons why I wrote the book is because I want to be a voice of the voiceless by addressing the issue of gender-based violence. Also, I wanted to encourage men to take part in the movement of ending violence against women.”

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Mawere added that through the novel, his other motive was to discourage some evil vices of the 21st century like ritual killings.

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