A larger part of the audience will most likely conclude that the sounding words bear no correspondence to the depicted scenario.
Makaza hints at a similar transformation stating that in a space of three years a lot had happened.
By depicting both the seen and unseen worlds the multi award-winning artist courts new audiences without alienating the old.
That would be a wasted opportunity for growth through experiment and inspiration in a new environment.
A SOLO exhibition Mupfumi Ndini at Artillery Gallery in Harare marks a bold entry and self-introductiston for young female artist
Many drivers speeding down the stretch of the highway between Norton and Harare hardly have time to view the marvel, except for locals.
Cocoon one, two and three, revel in the different forms in shape and colour that cocoons are created, which may allude to wider social implications.
Third prizes were taken by Daniel Chimurure (painting) and Johnson Mugabe (mixed media).
International Women’s Day is celebrated as a focal point in the women’s rights movement.
Curated by Fadzai Muchemwa, NGZ’s contemporary art curator, Takadiwa’s exhibition runs under the polemic title Vestiges of Colonialism.
Curated by Jeanette Pacher, Mukwazhi’s current exhibition at the Secession, that runs until April 16, also marks the publication of her first monograph.
The artworks show different approaches in technique and subject matter, ranging from the naive to ultra-modernist aesthetics, proving that the movement is alive and continues to evolve.
In Plato’s Cave, the people are constrained from discovering how the shadows were being cast by real objects passing in front of a fire that was behind them.