Ramathuba exclusively told NewsDay yesterday that the Sadc should urgently act on the matter of Zimbabweans flooding South African hospitals and other services.
The event makes a return this year after a two-year COVID-19-induced hiatus.
The UK Home Office said in September 2022 only, more than 500 offenders were deported from the UK.
Crime is a huge threat to tourism growth
Winners will be announced on October 27 in Athens, Greece.Other nominees for the award include Europe based AirMed International and Redstar Aviation.
According to a recent Oxfam report, the world’s richest countries emit unsustainably high amounts of carbon amounting to 70% of total emissions.
Realising that journalism is a critical foundation for social change, more often than not; everyone is more concerned about the product, ignoring content creators themselves.
It is a clear demonstration of their unwavering commitment to implement a uniquely progressive aspect of the strategy of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
Mliswa raised this in the National Assembly during the Second Reading Stage of the Bill.
Research is showing growth in digital news consumption, including advertising.
Innovative disruptions did not only confront business models, but also bulldozed themselves into changing functions of journalists.
Many journalists fear their jobs will be replaced by these monster wordsmiths who can now write brilliant pieces on instruction