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Machete gangs resurface in Guruve



The infamous MaShurugwi machete gangs have reportedly resurfaced in Guruve, Mashonaland Central province, where they recently attacked and injured four villagers.

The return of violence prompted Guruve South legislator Patrick Dutiro and Chief Bepura to summon village heads on Wednesday in a bid to safeguard villagers’ lives.

During the meeting, village heads told the lawmaker and the chief that they were living in fear of the machete gangs.

“These gangs are also pouncing on our young daughters and are spreading sexually transmitted infections. As the MP and chief, may you please act because our area has become one of the dangerous places to live in,” said a villager.

Chief Bepura blamed the police for failing to contain the situation.

“The biggest problem in this area is our police.  They have become so corrupt to the effect that they cannot even enforce the law as they are mandated to.

“I have engaged them several times, but no action is being taken and yet these gangs are known and it should not take them time to arrest them.  They prioritise money more than their job and my people are now at risk,” he said.

Chief Bepura said a local villager named Mbela, who has a gold mining claim in the area was working with the gangs and had provided accommodation to the criminals.

“Little did I know that we have accommodated criminals who were on a mission to destroy my area,” he added.

The village heads called on the Mines ministry to temporarily close Mbela’s claim and ensure that the gangs are driven away from the village.

The MP said machete gangs were dangerous as they were armed.

“I have heard all your concerns, the Ministry of Mines is aware of this meeting.  I will engage them and the police,” he said.

Zanu PF youth member Paul Rwodzi said the machete gangs were impregnating minors in the area.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he could not comment as he was in a meeting.

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