Breaking: Kasukuwere suspends all Gweru councillors

Local Government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere on Thursday suspended all the 18 Gweru councillors, including the mayor and his deputy on allegations of gross misconduct and mismanagement of council funds and affairs.

Stephen Chadenga

The suspensions, which follow investigations by the ministry’s audit team, also include three Zanu PF councillors in Gweru urban.

“Pursuant to the investigations carried out at Gweru City Council, which revealed your involvement in gross mismanagement, gross misconduct, incompetence in connection with council funds and affairs, I hereby, in terms of Section 114 (1) (c), (d) and (i) (ii) of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15), hereby, suspend you from being a councillor of Gweru City Council with immediate effect,” part of the suspension letter, dated August 12, reads.

The councillors were served with the letters Thursday afternoon.

MDC-T Midlands South provincial spokesperson, Munyaradzi Mutandavari described the move as desperate and cosmetic on the part of Zanu PF, as it also includes some of their own to paint a picture of fairness yet the main targets were the opposition party’s councillors.

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  1. Give us email id so that we apply from diaspora, stop asking for hard copies these days and era, and also to save the environment.

  2. ko I thot the first target should have been Mutare City Council Town Clerk and the Housing Director Haaaaaaaa thes people are too too corrupt mhani

  3. why does ZANU try to solve everything but the problem. how can a corrupt minister fire councilors before firing himself first and also firing his boss Mugabe. Until Mugabe and his gang of ministers declare where they got their wealth they should not point fingers at anyone for being corrupt. Let’s take Mugabe for example, this guy was a teacher before he became prime minister and we he has been a civil servant for the past 35 years. His salary is well published every year and going buy the figures we see there is no way he was going to has saved enough to start a multi million dollar empire like he has done. You will hear him saying that he and his unemployed wife secured bank loans but elementary credit control will tell you that Mugabe will not qualify for a bank loan that is meaningful. Until we have a corruption free leadership in central government we might as well forget about corruption free local government. 2018

  4. huyai kuno chiredzi mudzinge futh azvishandiri vanhu zvima councillors izvi zvongoba zvichizvipfumisa

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