Video: Nigerian journalist pours more scorn on Mugabe


Sahara Reporters’ Adeola Fayehun has poured more scorn on President Robert Mugabe, saying he was so old and that she thought he should not be even in charge of a church.

In her latest episode of “Keeping it real with Adeola”, Fayehun pokes more fun at Mugabe in a satirical video, laced with sarcasm, which others assumed was a genuine apology.

Fayehun said the only thing she regretted about her confrontation with Mugabe in Nigeria last month was that her side comments were not edited out at the end of the interview.

“Me saying he is old is something that struck me,” she said.

“If he were to be my grandfather, I don’t think I would even want him in charge of a church – not to talk about a whole country.”

The United States based journalist shot to fame after door stepping Mugabe at the inauguration of Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.

She asked the 91 year-old about his plans for retirement, health and lack of democracy in Zimbabwe among a number of inconvenient questions.

Her stunt angered government officials and the State media was unleashed on the privately owned Zimbabwean newspapers that covered the story with the Sunday Mail leading the onslaught.

Fayehun said some of her colleagues were asking Mugabe to smile for pictures and she believes there were more pertinent questions to ask Zimbabwe’s President.

She acknowledged receiving a backlash for her ambush on Mugabe, but she insisted there was nothing wrong with her line of questioning, as even CNN’s Christiane Amanpour had asked the Zimbabwean leader similar questions.

“Asking President Mugabe when he will step down was awful, it was terrible what I did,” Fayehun said tongue in cheek.

“How dare I, a small girl like myself, ask a whole President when he will step down, especially in Africa where we are not supposed to ask questions of our elders?

“We are supposed to respect them, whether they are dictators or not, whether they are corrupt or not, we are not supposed to challenge them.”

Fayehun then goes on to cite instances where she thinks Mugabe has failed Zimbabwe including the disappearance of activist, Itai Dzamara, the Gukurahundi massacres and mismanagement of the economy.

Information minister, Jonathan Moyo, who referred to Sahara Reporters as Boko Haram journalists, is not spared, as he is literally described as singing for his supper.

Fayehun said the encounter with Mugabe had ended her career and she was ending her weekly show, but a description of the video on video sharing site, YouTube asks rhetorically: “Is this the end of Keeping It Real?”

The Sunday Mail reported that Sahara Reporters must be eating humble pie after being forced to apologise, while an editorial in the paper said NewsDay and Daily News thought they had had their “wet dream”, which has since turned into a nightmare.

The paper said Fayehun had been forced to cancel her show and had her tail tucked in between her legs, as she made the apology.

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Video by Sahara TV


    • It’s her style of reporting which I think works in a true democracy. A few politicians love her anyway because she hits where it hurts most. We are still suffering in Zimbabwe because we smile for being frogged

  1. they think its democracy but its not.esp that lady ,pliz leave our President becoz if God wanted him to step dwn otherwise he would not hold all those posts he Chair.i think he is a God given Leader.There is hidden treasures under his leadership but many of the young people cant see it,and you wiil realise it latter.Thank you for posting my comment

    • I definitely agree with you zyk. You may despise your elders to get attention and recognition but had it not been for a black African girl, I would have kept quiet. In Africa if you do not respect your elders, fellow Africans will say that you were wrongly, miserably, unfortunately and outcastly nurtured. It is actually a disgrace to the community. Now that she is working for her pay, we understand it as a Judas Iscariot endeavor found out of Africa. if you are someone who sees your old father or grandfather with disdain, the lord have mercy.

      • You all know that this young girl is saying the truth the at least she stood upto the cruel man.You know old and tired Mugabe is so why waste time attacking this gal bescuse she asked something that you can’t ask in your own country..shame

    • You are brainwashed. Hitler, Idi Amini et al all claimed to be God given. If Mugabe was appointed by God, why would he hold elections and rig them, why would silence all critics by being so ruthless, why would there be so many abductions and persecutions against political opponents, and you ask how he holds so many chairs in Africa… just look at thr composition of the electrorate that made him chair, Even sepp blatter won an election but the rest of the soccer loving fans ddnt like him. Issa Hayatou is still head of Caf but most african fans dont like him. Only a handful of his bootlickers who have veto powers over all fans alected him and you claim its God..? Shame

  2. I don’t know if God creates leaders to preside over murders etc but every able and successful leader should be comfortable to answer questions from any journalist…it is only cruel rulers and their equally cruel supporters who worry about this. i guess if you have something to hide you try to hide it forever – an increasingly very difficult task in this age of technology and information transfer.

  3. That our President was humiliated that much implies a clear humiliation to all of us Zimbabweans. We are being made a joke in the eyes of the whole continent due to our politics of trying to think that a 91 year old should be in charge of the country cannot be understood by any sane person.

    But the way the state media has been trying to interpret this article/video is actually disgusting. It shows how long they can sink in trying to portray the 91 year old senile Mugabe as a visionary leader, much to the chagrin of all the Zimbabweans suffering endlessly due to Mugabe’s misrule and decimation of the economy.

    The world out there is trying to show us that we are blind and unreasonable, and are telling us to wake up and smell the coffee. No amount of doctoring the truth or painting Mugabe as a hero will ever change the reality on the ground!!!!

  4. This young girl is learned but not educated. For starters Bob is as fit as as fiddle. If you doubt this arrange for a meeting with the real man!! This girl was and is still singing for her supper. Who is she to tell us Africans that Bob is old. It’s her who is immature and dirty!! To hell with her. In Nigeria there is no fuel right now yet they are the top producer in Africa and they are under Boko Haram who are her handlers. Shame on you!!

  5. This lil gal doesn’t know her bounds, the fact tht you wote for a new president tht doesn’t define democracy, lm sure there are a lot of stories to cover in Nigeria other than talking about Zimbabwe, you still have boko harram and missing girls that should be your story. Mugabe is African Union chairman that means even your president goes under him, lm sure your parents raise you well and manners and respect were missing topics!

  6. Me thinks all Zimbos attacking Adeola are benefitting from RGM’s leadership? They might even be jealous of the fact that young people can freely ask such questions of their benefactor? I wish we had two Adeolas in Zim but then again see what happened to Itai and Solomon before that?

  7. Zanoid wankfest in progress……You fools who feel slighted but this simple and honest questioning, how is it disrespectful to ask a geriatric, who has forced himself on Zimbabweans for 35 years, when he will retire? Mugabe does not represent Zimbabweans, he represents his evil selfish self. How come you don’t say anything when he travels all over the world insulting leaders of other countries? You are fools indeed. I find it laughable that you talk about God when referring to this tyrant who presided over the murder of thousands of innocent souls. You need help!

  8. those who think that mugabe is a good leader ar dreaming.the man is very old to be a CEO of our country.zimbabwe has a lot of good leaders who can turn this country into a productive and a food basket country.there is no democracy in zim .

  9. Mugabe is a thug!We all know no one in his right senses can vote such an idiot old man into power.Bob is a demon coz only demons enjoy human suffering.Zimbos are suffering shame.Whoeva is against this journalist is benefiting from Bob policies or is as idiotic as Bob.Bob is fighting God and his people like Herod but hell is waiting for him.There is too much blood in his hands and he is a haunted old fool!

  10. All of the people above shut your pie holes we all know the girl is telling the truth the man is been president since I was born 35 years ago.Turn Africa’s bread basket into a begging one.We need more journalist like her in Zimbabwe.African leaders think presidency is a dynasty.Fit as a fiddle my foot!!

  11. Mugabe is evil as evil comes. No amount of name calling towards Adeola will cleanse the old bustard. As a matter of fact,Mugabe killed more people in Zimbabwe than Boko Harram did in Nigeria . Talk of humble pies and tucked tails from The Sunday Mail. I wonder who has the last laugh. Your guess is right-Adeola. Mugabe,Grace,Chatunga,Bona they are all evil demons who enjoy the suffering of Zimbabwean

  12. Mugabe is evil as evil comes. No amount of name calling towards Adeola will cleanse the old bustard. As a matter of fact,Mugabe killed more people in Zimbabwe than Boko Harram did in Nigeria . Talk of humble pies and tucked tails from The Sunday Mail. I wonder who has the last laugh. Your guess is right-Adeola. Mugabe,Grace,Chatunga,Bona they are all evil demons who enjoy the suffering of Zimbabweans

  13. Its very ironic and disgusting that some pro-west journalists like this one criticise and pour scorn on strong and effective leaders like President Mugabe while turning a blind eyes to fatal weakness of their leaders like kleptoctratic Abacha and ineffective Jonathan who ended up loosing the whole and vast North Eastern part of the country to Boko Haram. In Zim we are safe so unotaura kuti chii iwe musikana?

    • If you live in a democracy you will realise that you are settling for less than your worth. If you are in Zimbabwe like me you will understand what it means to be in hardships. Everyone is stressing

  14. A very good job my sister but I strongly disagree that Mugabe is a hero, may be at one time but not anymore. The Mugabe we know today has become the worst dictator that has ruled the land between the Limpopo and the Zambezi. Mugabe is a non dependent murderer and despot. Ian Smith was a much better racist ruler and did more for the blacks population than Mugabe has done. You get respect from your actions and Mugabe has done nothing to deserve respect. Mugabe has destroyed lives, the economy, families and the respect of all Zimbabweans. Mugabe is responsible for murdering over 20,000 innocent civilians and not being pleased with killing these people Mugabe and his terror outfits has made sure no one can openly debate this issue. To add salt to injury, relatives have been forbidden from giving their murdered relatives a decent burial. Mugabe is a despot, its really unfortunate that we as Zimbabweans me included have done nothing to take care of this despot and his a*s licking bastards. Mugabe is set to get away with murder but all those who are young and capable of living another 40 years please watch your steps for the people of Zimbabwe will one day make you pay for your sins and those of Mugabe.

  15. nxa wat can she tell us frm Nigeria? what is she doing in USA instead of being home and address domestic Boko Haram issue

  16. I dont know why people cant handle the truth. The poor girl spoke nothing but the truth. Why wouldnt he answer the questions? Coz he knows its true. And him being “OLD” is a “FACT”…. Must we lie and pretend he’s 40? Don’t turn a blind eye to what he has done, and fight for real democracy, which we all know is non-existent in Zim.

  17. This foolish woman should be talking about how Nigeria is dealing with Boko Haram. Vapedza here Boko Haram. Nxa… silly girl!!

  18. Who defines democracy? Who sets the standards for democracy? Silly girl!!! Why hasn’t she spoken about the corrupt nature that is associated with her fellow countrymen? Aaagh!!

  19. Kings are crowned by God .If God is not satisfied about his leadership gentleman so – – – – – – –

  20. lets not sensationalise things here, what is a satanist????, a killer, right? pple arew dying everyday in hospitals cause no drugs, equipment like blood tubes or sample tubes, no work for graduates, vendors in twn who could have been accountants, etc. but thye lie that things are okay here, come on man, we dealing with satanism here, whr is dzamara??, are u safe to criticise ZANU in public?, unotyei?, lets not hide behind a finger, a spade is a spade, the old man must go and all his team of geriatric, ana MADE ministers for 30 yrs vakukuitirei nhai??, haiwawo why are my countrymen so blind, u think those guys are e onli pple deserving to lead this country and this country has not produced anymore young man, i salute this journalist,m you are a star,

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