Graphics: Mugabe’s eleven key offside hate comments


The government has been struggling to defend the Kalanga slur by President Robert Mugabe that has torched a storm in social media corridors. Mugabe, in an address that was captured on video, blamed “uneducated” people from Matabeleland South — Kalangas in particular — for skipping the country to South Africa where they venture into petty thieving and crime.


But this is not the first time that Mugabe has been found on the wrong side. We present here in graphic terms some of the key moments the President has angered other ethnic groups because of the slur similar to the Kalanga one the government is belittling.

Mugabe quotes 1

Mugabe quotes 2

Mugabe quotes 3

Mugabe quotes 4

Mugabe quotes 5

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Mugabe quotes 12


  1. Matibili is increasingly sounding delusional,derided& demented .The end is nigh for Matibili ,the murderous despot!.

  2. Why is he still president. Will someone please make this man just simply retire. What good has ever come out of his mouth? As a nation we must have done something really sinful to warrant a judgment upon us like Mugabe. May the Lord lead us to true repentance and in His mercy give us a leader of His own choice. A man after His own heart!

  3. OFFSIDE TO WHO??? Taurayi zvamunoziva kwete kungo refura refura ne magames amusingazive. Stick to what you are good at and leave politics to politicians. LONG LIVE CDE PRESIDENT

  4. kkkk silly politicking,,whats the motive behind telling us all that???

    and what yardstick are u using to regard it as offside????

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