Zinwa disconnects Beitbridge

The council pays at least ZiG20 000 per week but Zinwa feels it is too small a fraction of what is owed.
By Rex Mphisa May. 29, 2024

Cholera scare as Zinwa cuts off Vumbachikwe water

Gold production at Vumbachikwe Mine stopped in 2022 after workers downed tools over unpaid salaries.
By Nizbert Moyo May. 22, 2024

Presidential borehole scheme heads to Mat South

PGI recently installed approximately 100 boreholes in Buhera ahead of this year’s Independence Day celebrations at Murambinda growth point.
By Julia Ndlela May. 21, 2024

Major water crisis looms in urban areas: Zinwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has since declared the drought a state of national disaster, saying government required  at least US$2 billion to feed food insecure families.
By Lorraine Muromo May. 8, 2024

Sigh of relief for Guruve Centre

Water to the growth point was recently turned off following cyanide spillage from the nearby Eureka Gold Mine into Dande River.
By Own Correspondent May. 7, 2024

EditorialComment: Cyanide disaster sign of big problem

The incident at Eureka mine raises a pertinent issue about the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development’s capacity to enforce standards in mining operations.
By The Standard Apr. 28, 2024

Major river cyanide poisoning crisis deepens

The cyanide spillage has affected plot holders that use Dande River for their horticulture and other farming chores ,including domestic consumption.
By Nhau Mangirazi Apr. 28, 2024

Redesigning Zim’s water policy

Sewage treatment plants are also problematic in that they consume a lot of electricity and function on expensive equipment, which can be difficult to replace.
By Kevin Tutani Apr. 19, 2024

Hwange wants Zinwa to hand over water reticulation services

HLB argues the Zinwa must hand-over the water and sewerage management to it in line with the Urban Councils Act, which vests the management of the services in local authorities.
By Sharon Sibindi Mar. 31, 2024