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World View: Ukraine: Will Western tanks bring victory?

The Doomsday Clock was thought up in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to dramatise the threat of nuclear war.
By Gwynne Dyer Jan. 27, 2023

2022 in the rear view mirror, all set for 2023

The EU, Nato, and western allies were fast to respond to this act of aggression with maximum trade, sports and economic sanctions being imposed. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 6, 2023

Soviet letter for public display

Presenting the letter at State House yesterday, Mnangagwa said he was pleased by Putin’s gesture, which shows deep relations between the two countries.
By Problem Masau Dec. 20, 2022

COP27: What is the Egypt climate conference and why is it important?

UN climate summits are held every year, for governments to agree steps to limit global temperature rises.
By Bbc News Oct. 26, 2022

Ukraine: The focus shifts

Exact timing and coded radio signals may suffice to explain it, but one cannot exclude the possibility of a suicide element in the attack.
By The Independent Oct. 14, 2022

Ukraine war: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Mr Biden said Russia's President Vladimir Putin was "not joking" when he spoke of using tactical nuclear weapons after suffering setbacks in Ukraine.
By Bbc News Oct. 7, 2022

Why Africa must care about Ukraine’s struggle for freedom

They spoke with such humility and eloquence about how Russia’s invasion has upended life in Ukraine.
By Ian Khama Oct. 5, 2022

World View: Is Putin bluffing about nukes?

Maybe he is just trading on that reputation now, and he really is bluffing this time, but there is no point in following him down that rabbit hole.
By Gwynne Dyer Sep. 30, 2022

Ben Stiller and Sean Penn latest Americans banned from Russia

Stiller and Penn have been outspoken critics of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and both have visited Kyiv since the start of the conflict.
By Bbc News Sep. 6, 2022