Illegal wildlife trade cripples Africa’s GDP

These are nocturnal mammals that mostly consume termites and ants. They are often trafficked into Asia, where there is a rising market for them.
By Enos Denhere Nov. 24, 2023

Litigation new frontier in seeking climate justice

This figure is likely to increase this year as more people became more conscious of their rights.
By Cliff Chiduku Aug. 4, 2023

Mushakwe paints grim mural to warn about climate change

In commemoration of World Environment Day, Harare-based visual artist Merilyn Mushakwe recently painted a mural in Mbare that carries a strong message about climate change.
By Nyadzombe Nyampenza Jun. 21, 2023

Why Africa must tackle climate change

Additionally, there are nearly 700 million families who lack access to healthy cooking options.
By Enos Denhere Jun. 9, 2023

The destructive toll of gold mining

Every day, they touch and breathe mercury, a silvery chemical element that carries deadly implications.
By Linda Mujuru Jan. 13, 2023

Feature: Researchers strive to end human-wildlife conflicts in Southern Africa

Conflicts between humans and animals are among the greatest threats to the long-term survival of some of the planet’s most iconic species.
By UNEP Jan. 9, 2023