Chiefs terrorising subjects: Report

In its latest report titled Traditional Leaders in Zimbabwe Balancing Culture, Development and Democracy, HZT said chiefs were deviating from their mandate.
By Problem Masau Apr. 25, 2024

‘Chiefs now marriage officers’

Charumbira said this was necessary to ensure access to essential services for all Zimbabweans.
By Gracious Daniel Mar. 5, 2024

Traditional leaders most corrupt: Rights watchdog

Zanu PF director of information Farai Marapira said the accusations were baseless and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Mar. 4, 2024

Traditional leaders top rights abuse list

The reports also come after the traditional leaders have been accused of intimidation, abuse and politicisation of food aid distribution programmes.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Dec. 18, 2023

Matabeleland cultural awards date set

Categories up for grabs are weavers, carvers, rural huts decorators, traditional leadership, traditional dancers, traditional regalia designers and traditional cuisines among others.
By Silas Nkala Oct. 24, 2023

Mberengwa chiefs urge Kuvimba to develop the district

It commenced mining operations in the 1950s as an emerald mine. It has changed hands over its long history.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Aug. 21, 2023

Chief Charumbira passes baton

An election for the post will be held today in terms of section 37 of the Traditional Leaders Act (Chapter 2:13) at the ongoing National Chiefs Council meeting in Bulawayo.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Aug. 10, 2023

How traditional leaders help rig elections on voting day in Zim

Voters are then directed to stand in a queue behind their assigned leader so that their vote can be “ascertained” thus depriving them of the right to choose.
By Phillan Zamchiya Apr. 27, 2023

Villagers urge govt to speed up crafting of wildlife policy

Villagers in such areas said they were losing livestock to wildlife, while they did not benefit from hunting concessions or CAMPFIRE programmes.
By Patricia Sibanda Feb. 14, 2023