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ED’s constitutional coup attempt for a third-term will backfire

My argument follows consistent dangerous calls by leader-follower groups within Zimbabwe’s ruling party for Mnangagwa to contest for a third term in 2028.
By Phillan Zamchiya Dec. 23, 2022

Mnangagwa’s constitutional coup attempt for a third-term will backfire

It is clear that some elements within Zanu PF harbour thoughts to amend or misinterpret the Constitution to effect another coup.
By Phillan Zamchiya Jan. 5, 2023

Seven highlights from Zim’s 2022 Draft Delimitation Report

The report is 509 pages and has an annexure with 995 pages and maps. 
By Phillan Zamchiya Jan. 8, 2023

How traditional leaders help rig elections on voting day in Zim

Voters are then directed to stand in a queue behind their assigned leader so that their vote can be “ascertained” thus depriving them of the right to choose.
By Phillan Zamchiya Apr. 27, 2023

The mysterious politics behind Sikhala’s callous persecution

However, the cowardly Mnangagwa loyalists insist that the planned demonstrations were aimed at parachuting Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga to power, hence the vicious response.
By Phillan Zamchiya May. 5, 2023

Why Zim elections must be held between August 20 and 26

It is the President who has the constitutional prerogative to fix the election date
By Phillan Zamchiya May. 23, 2023

How will Zim implement women, youth quotas in the absence of an electoral law?

On June 14, 2023 Zanu PF’s political commissar Mike Bimha wrongly instructed his party structures to nominate five men and five women for the provincial council as we shall see later.
By Phillan Zamchiya Jun. 21, 2023

What’s next for CCC after High Court ruling?

The CCC parliamentary candidates for Bulawayo are the 12 whose nomination has been nullified by the High Court.
By Phillan Zamchiya Jul. 29, 2023

Zimbos must defy voter suppression

According to Zec, this was caused by the delay in the printing of the ballot papers.
By Phillan Zamchiya Aug. 24, 2023