The transformative potential of satellite, AI technologies in the African context

This includes basic computer skills, online safety awareness, ethical considerations and critical thinking for evaluating information online.
By Tororiro Isaac Chaza Jun. 7, 2024

Digital accessibility, intersectionality

It can enable early change, evaluation and attention that can increase efficiency and productivity in the field.
By Lovemore Nyawo May. 3, 2024

Liquid tips Google deal to boost Zim firms

Makamure said emerging technologies such as AI were reshaping industries such that this innovation, in particular, empowered machines to learn, reason and make decisions.
By Belinda Chiroodza Mar. 27, 2024

The use of digital technologies in disaster response and mitigation

Ethiopia has made efforts to integrate digital technologies into disaster response and mitigation.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Feb. 9, 2024

The value of empowering communities to protect their local food systems

What technologies are used at different supply chain nodes including processing, preservation and warehousing?
By Charles Dhewa Feb. 7, 2024

Digital gap alienating Zim rural communities

This means that many rural communities are being left behind in the digital revolution, unable to access the opportunities that it brings.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Feb. 6, 2024

Why renewables are a massive market disruptor

The implications of this market transformation across the energy industry are significant.
By Michael Kearney Feb. 4, 2024

Digital transformation key to Africa’s food security

Young farmers like Nomaliso Musasiwa, a female farmer of Fresh in a Box have bemoaned prolonged power cuts as a threat to the use of technology to boost agricultural activities in Zimbabwe.
By Evans Mathanda Feb. 4, 2024

Entrepreneur seeks to boost agribusiness sector with technology

After powering the device with batteries, he presses a button, bringing up a white screen that displays various grain options for testing.
By Sefakor Fekpe Feb. 4, 2024