Evergreen vs seasonal content: Which one to publish more?

Once you are clear on what you want each piece of content to do, you will have more insight on whether you need to post more seasonal content or ever green content.
By Anesu Chikumba Jul. 12, 2024

Coping with social media and technology pressure

Ultimately, the key to coping with social media and technology pressure lies in mindful engagement.
By Sharon Chimwaza Jun. 14, 2024

Business Trends in 2024: What's in Store This Year?

Social media is a vital tool for businesses. It is used for marketing, customer service, and engagemen
By Newsday Jun. 10, 2024

Dangers of ‘free’ online products, services

One of the most common ways free online services generate revenue is by collecting and monetising user data.
By Jacob Mutisi Jun. 7, 2024

What’s in a name? How indigenous names face extinction

Some of the English names that dominated over the years included Nomore, Office, September and Friday.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jun. 1, 2024

The missing piece in most digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing tactics that help with brand visibility and awareness
By Anesu Chikumba May. 24, 2024

The African health systems, social media clinics, challenges and prospects

The continent is at crossroads in terms of convincing the world about the sustainability of its health status and appropriacy.
By Peter Makwanya Apr. 29, 2024

Social media for business growth vs brand visibility

Lead generation uses social media to attract new customers and create sales opportunities.
By Anesu Chikumba Apr. 26, 2024

How rent-to-buy car scams are affecting Zimbabweans

These fees are usually substantial and non-refundable, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
By Jacob Mutisi Apr. 19, 2024