Muckracker: It’s all about the youth

Some said these people were being paid to sit all day, much like those pointless security guards at government offices whose job it is to write names in a big book that goes nowhere all year round.
By Muckracker Feb. 24, 2023

Chics’ Galaxy: Hillary Makaya engaged?

Makaya revealed that she is engaged to a local man.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Jan. 22, 2023

SVG plots fashion scene takeover

The official brand ambassadors for SVG are Takura, Holy Ten, Robert Mugabe Junior and DJ MadeHerbelieve, the brand endorsers are DJ Towers, KVG, Itai Daisy and Siphosethu Mtembo.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Jan. 15, 2023