MPs caught in Zanu PF orgy of violence

Zanu PF supporters have been disrupting hearings into the Bill across the country in what appears to be a coordinated campaign to scuttle opposition to the proposed law.
By Everson Mushava May. 19, 2024

‘Fighting graft a high-risk exercise’

“Fighting corruption is a mammoth task, therefore, we have to come up with risk mitigation and management measures.
By Staff Reporter Jun. 26, 2023

Ideals of liberation struggle are being trashed

What happened soon after independence in 1980 to date is completely opposite to their expectations and reasons for their supporting the liberation struggle.
By Amh Voices Feb. 26, 2023

NGOs under siege as ED tightens noose

The PVO Amendment Bill was passed by the National Assembly last year despite heavy criticism by opposition legislators and it is now before the Senate.
By Privilege Gumbodete Jan. 29, 2023