Editorial Comment: Shedding crocodile tears

It is not the first time that government has threatened to install commissions to run the affairs of local authorities.
By Newsday Jan. 19, 2024

City fathers retreat as cholera ravages Harare

Gama said this was also an opportunity to clinch new deals.
By Lorraine Muromo Nov. 28, 2023

We’re to blame for cholera, Harare officials

In Harare, cholera is now endemic because of water shortages and poor sanitation, with government being accused of failing to provide funds for the purchase of water treatment chemicals.
By Lorraine Muromo and Sharon Buwerimwe Nov. 24, 2023

Mumps outbreak hits Harare

Other symptoms of mumps include headaches, joint pain, and a high temperature, which may develop a few days before the swelling of the parotid glands.
By Vanessa Gonye Aug. 6, 2023

Council provides water bowsers to cholera hotspots

Chonzi said the council was providing water in affected communities with bowsers, monitoring new cases, educating people on good hygienic practices and attending to sewer bursts in time.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko May. 4, 2023

Harare restores water in cholera hotspots

Harare was the worst affected by previous cholera outbreaks.
By Vanessa Gonye Feb. 23, 2023