Human-centric globalisation: Taking G20 to the last mile, leaving none behind

Our G20 presidency strives to bridge divides, dismantle barriers, and sow seeds of collaboration that nourish a world where unity prevails over discord, where shared destiny eclipses isolation.
By Mr Narendra Modi Sep. 7, 2023

Executive presidency behind African development problems

The existence of the latter has led to the erosion of basic constitutional practices and the curtailment of human rights.
By Austin Chakaodza Jul. 3, 2023

Jitters over Al Jazeera exposé telling

Given their hallmark mulish determination to always be on the offensive, oddly, they are on the defensive.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Mar. 15, 2023

How ‘hustler narrative’ landed Ruto Kenya’s top job

Ruto overturns the “golden handshake” to his advantage.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 18, 2022