Westprop declares US$857K dividend from Q1 operations

During the period under review, revenue increased to US$7,03 million, marking a growth of 11,54% compared to the comparative period last year.
By Tatira Zwinoira Jun. 11, 2024

WestProp takes marketing road trip to the US

WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe will headline the marketing drive as the company prepares to extend the road trips to other diaspora markets.
By Business Reporter Feb. 12, 2024

WestProp wins Pomona City land dispute

The land in question measures about 273 ha and is located in Harare’s leafy Borrowdale suburb.
By Desmond Chingarande Sep. 16, 2023

Pomona City: Dubai comes to Harare

On phase two of Pomona City, WHL will introduce a leasehold model that makes acquisition of property much cheaper as it removes the bulk cost of the land.
By Business Reporter Jun. 22, 2023

WestProp dangles share packages to potential investors

Preferred stock, also known as preference shares, is a class of stock of a firm that entitles its holders to dividend payments in priority over holders of common stock.
By Business Reporter Mar. 31, 2023