Mass polio vaccination campaign kicks off

The mass vaccination campaigns were launched after an outbreak in Malawi last year.
By Vanessa Gonye Oct. 11, 2023

ZimRe targets African markets in expansion drive

In a commentary to the firm’s financial statements for the half year ended June 30, 2023, ZimRe said broadening partnerships will be vital in its growth ambitions.
By Freeman Makopa Oct. 6, 2023

MCAZ revokes permits for 6 wholesale dealers

The revocation of permits and cancellation of licences runs up to March 2025 as part of efforts to fight drug and substance abuse among youths.
By Vanessa Gonye Oct. 3, 2023

Zim, Moza sign water management deal

Madamombe is currently the regional coordinator for the Bupusa project.
By Sydney Kawadza Aug. 18, 2023

Byo orthopaedic hospital trebles bed capacity

The hospital was refurbished by the Zimbabwe Orthopaedic Trust in partnership with government.
By Patricia Sibanda Jul. 19, 2023

Feature: The Mozambican electrician who moved to Zim twice

But this was the turning point for Chataika. “I decided then that I didn’t want to leave in a country like that,” he told Al Jazeera.
By Aljazeera Jul. 14, 2023

The importance of bridging digital divide

This global satellite service is making it possible for people to easily secure online connections.
By Jacob Mutisi Jul. 7, 2023

Bishop Makururu gets a permit to operate in Mozambique

Early this year the government of Mozambique said it was considering banning some white garment apostolic sects from Zimbabwe over various shenanigans. 
By Kenneth Nyangani Jun. 17, 2023

Can Afrikaners save South Africa?

The disparity in living standards between the haves and have-nots is shocking, despite the social grant system.
By Eddie Cross May. 24, 2023