Health Talk: Medical aid societies, service providers should smoke peace pipe

It is a pity that many people are reluctant to have medical aid cover which has seen only about 10% of the entire population being under medical aid societies.
By Johannes Marisa Jun. 30, 2024

Teachers demand health insurance

Teachers are failing to access health services after the government discontinued its commitment to contribute 80% of the medical aid premium.
By Staff Reporter May. 15, 2024

HealthTalk: Zim health sector needs dedicated players not opportunists

This is the work of our so-called esteemed medical aid societies who capitalise on Pareto optimality to enrich themselves.
By Johannes Marisa Apr. 28, 2024

Cimas donates US$13K to Cancer Association of Zimbabwe 

At last year's iGo Half Marathon, Cimas had anticipated having 1 000 athletes for both Harare and Bulawayo, but the event was oversubscribed, and raised US$13 753.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Mar. 13, 2024

Regulator should act on errant medical aid societies

I am not sure why some of these medical aid societies portray themselves as untouchable, yet they should honour their obligations in the medical industry.
By Johannes Marisa Mar. 7, 2024

Health Talk: Deal with wayward medical aid societies

The Medical Aid Society claims that it will reimburse the US$20 that the patient will have paid as shortfall.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 24, 2024

Health Talk: Deal with errant medical aid societies

People should garner enough confidence if the acrimony between the medical aid societies and service providers is to ease.
By Johannes Marisa Dec. 10, 2023

Errant medical aid societies should be dealt with once and for all

Many people die because of failure to access medical attention as a result of non-payment of dues by medical aid societies.
By Johannes Marisa Dec. 7, 2023

Kereke granted US$200 bail

Resultantly, HMMAS authorised payment towards the liquidation of the fraudulently-generated debt.
By Desmond Chingarande Nov. 14, 2023