Feature: Human-wildlife conflict fuelling poverty, GBV in Mbire

Annually, at least five people are killed by wildlife roaming Mbire district.
By Nhau Mangirazi Feb. 15, 2024

Spotlight Initiative a panacea for GBV

She used violence to vent her frustrations and disappointments especially towards her unemployed husband Felix Majaya. 
By Miriam Mangwaya Jul. 22, 2023

Optimistic Invictus opts to keep oil rig one year more

Invictus has indicated that despite the setback, it is confident that substantial resources could still be found in Zimbabwe.
By Sydney Kawadza Mar. 17, 2023

Feature: Anxiety hits flood-prone areas

Government has already warned villagers to brace for possible flooding during the current season. The warning has triggered memories of the beginning of 2022.
By Sydney Kawadza Dec. 9, 2022