Mark Ramseyer's controversial article on comfort women

Despite this uproar, many critics needed to be more informed about Ramseyer's arguments and engage with his analysis of contracts.
By Newsday Mar. 25, 2024

South Koreans become younger under new age-counting law

Another counted everyone as ageing by a year every first day of January instead of on their birthdays.
By Bbc News Jun. 28, 2023

'Africa should define its own beauty standards'

The KPOP beauty standard may be highly effective in the modeling industry whereby a person is expected to look a certain way just to be the image of a brand.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Jan. 29, 2023

Embassy showcases South Korean movies in Harare

Korean ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bongkae Do said films do not only entertain, but they also educate and raise awareness and explore certain issues in society.
By Tendai Sauta Nov. 23, 2022

South Korea is making efforts to regulate Metaverse

The South Korean government is still in the process of developing regulations for Metaverse
By Theindependent Oct. 6, 2022