The harder the journey, the sweeter the rewards: Smuffie

Smuffie pleaded with stakeholders in the film industry to lobby for an immediate disbursement of video and airplay royalties through a trusted agent. 
By Tendai Sauta Jan. 29, 2024

Ngoda filmmakers distance themselves from Gold Mafia

Tindo, the eldest of the brothers, accidentally finds a big precious diamond and decides to hide it from everyone, including his brothers and wife.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Apr. 9, 2023

Illegal diamond mining movie set to premiere

The premiere, set for 1800hrs, will be a red-carpet affair to be graced by filmmakers, producers and actors, among other celebrities.
By Winstone Antonio Mar. 30, 2023

Njagu bemoans lack of vibrant film industry

“The future for film in Zimbabwe is in creating an industry. We do not have a film industry, rather a film sector that we are trying to develop into an industry,” he said.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Jan. 8, 2023

ZIFF film extravaganza is here

The festival also seeks to contribute to vibrant, socially and politically relevant African storytelling through film.
By Winstone Antonio Sep. 14, 2022