World View: Israel-Gaza: Better call Cicero

Those refugees and their children and grandchildren have lived ever since in what amounts to an open-air prison, said the counter-chorus
By Gwynne Dyer Oct. 20, 2023

World View: Israel: Another October war

So the IDF will go into the Gaza Strip in force despite the Israeli hostages, who will be murdered on video in a variety of ugly ways.
By Gwynne Dyer Oct. 13, 2023

World View: Israel: Mowing the lawn again, but with malice aforethought

Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu will not go to jail;
By Gwynne Dyer Jul. 21, 2023

Israeli pogrom in Palestine

Huwara is in the northern West Bank. Nobody there under the age of 60 can recall a time when they didn’t live under Israeli military rule
By Gwynne Dyer Mar. 10, 2023