The flipside to Israel-Hamas war

One can conclude, therefore, that Hamas has become a victim of its own success it allowed its hatred for Israel to cloud its better, more practical and intelligent judgement.
By Ignatius Tsuro Feb. 2, 2024

Israel vs ICJ: Is this a waste of time?

Even if the ICJ finds that South Africa has a good case, any action the court takes will be unenforceable if the United States uses its veto on the Security Council.
By Gwynne Dyer Jan. 19, 2024

Telling the Jewish story to the world

No, Israel does not engage in ethnic cleansing. In 1948, the Arab population in Israel was 156,000. Today it is 2,100,000.
By Marjorie Davis Dec. 31, 2023

Hebrew Scripture: Hardening Pharaoh’s heart: How is that fair?

Note that through the first five plagues it is Pharaoh who stiffens his own heart. And yet, we find that there is genuine tension in his decisions each step of the way.
By Gavriel Lakser Dec. 24, 2023

Faith's first step : Accessing God's blessing

The children of Israel are an example of God's faithfulness, but also their unbelief delayed God's plan for them.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Dec. 17, 2023

Middle East wars: A scoping view

The conflict has deep historical roots and has been a recurring source of tension and violence in the region.
By Sharon Hofisi Dec. 8, 2023

Zim boxer promises fireworks ahead of bout

This will be the first time that Zimbabwe has hosted the ABU title fight.
By Magreth Ruzvidzo Dec. 8, 2023

World View: Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Both Israel and Hamas insist the “pause” is only temporary.
By Gwynne Dyer Dec. 1, 2023

Zimbabwe religious leaders call for an end to Israel brutality

At a seminar this week, the religious leaders were also firm in calling for an end to the massacre of unarmed innocent women and children in Palestine.
By Gracious Daniel Nov. 10, 2023