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Democracy in Zim: A test on mass democrats

Democracy was on that sobering day shown to be a set of idealistic principles and values on governance.
By Ignatius Tsuro Nov. 11, 2022

The flipside to Israel-Hamas war

One can conclude, therefore, that Hamas has become a victim of its own success it allowed its hatred for Israel to cloud its better, more practical and intelligent judgement.
By Ignatius Tsuro Feb. 2, 2024

Zim at 44 in sorry state

The unrecognised challenge that fell on the shoulders of our leaders and us as a people on April 18, 1980 was to define independence. Unfortunately, nobody did so.
By Ignatius Tsuro Apr. 2, 2024

Demythologising the liberation struggle

Forty-four years have passed, our parents who either fought or assisted the liberation fighters are dying, impoverished.
By Ignatius Tsuro Apr. 12, 2024

A philosophical view of religion

Nor the one that says that God(s) exists to serve the will of humankind and not the other way round.
By Ignatius Tsuro Apr. 23, 2024

The calculus of Israel-Hamas war

The present, therefore, is not the time for Israel to end the war, but it could be for Hamas.
By Ignatius Tsuro May. 16, 2024

The true immorality of Israeli-Hamas war

Throughout recorded military history, insurgent forces have enjoyed one crucial advantage over the conventional forces they have faced.
By Ignatius Tsuro Jul. 11, 2024