Govt under fire over holiday lessons ban

Similar bans on holiday lessons by the government have been ignored by both public and private schools.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Mar. 27, 2024

Mnangagwa Desecrates constitution

ZICOMO operates as a grassroots citizens' initiative, uniting diverse stakeholders across all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe.
By Tapiwa Zivira Mar. 15, 2024

News in depth: Zimbabwe on the brink of devastating hunger crisis as drought takes toll

Nearly a million people, including half a million children require safe water for drinking and domestic purposes.
By Tapiwa Zivira Feb. 25, 2024

CSOs blast ‘ridiculous’ MPs demands

They want their spouses to stay in hotels while they carry out their legislative duties including payment of salaries of their personal workers.
By Lorraine Muromo Dec. 21, 2023

Activists call for dialogue

Speaking at an X-space hosted by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, the activists said expecting regional blocs such as Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) to intervene was a big ask.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Nov. 10, 2023

CSOs pray for transitional govt

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change also dismissed the poll as a “gigantic fraud” and has launched a diplomatic offensive for a fresh election.
By Lorraine Muromo Sep. 25, 2023

Observer missions saw through Zanu PF’s chicanery

The actions by Zec, as roundly noted by the observer missions, suppressed voters, and put into question the credibility of the entire electoral process.
By The Standard Aug. 27, 2023

CiZC condemns police crackdown on members

The election was marred by chaotic scenes such as the late distribution of ballot papers and intimidation of voters.
By Sharon Buwerimwe and Priviledge Gumbodete Aug. 25, 2023

Credibility of August 23 polls compromised

According to the Coalition, the pre-election environment has already proved that the Wednesday election does not pass the test of credibility based on a number of factors.
By Tapiwa Zivira Aug. 20, 2023