Editor’s Memo: ‘Implement key reforms’

The government cannot afford to miss this opportunity to show the world that it is committed to implementing the necessary reforms that ensure that the polls are free and fair.
By Faith Zaba May. 12, 2023

Muckracker: Lol! It must be exciting being a spin doctor for a clueless govt!

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, on the invitation of the British, was in London to witness the coronation of King Charles III, or, as a ZBC news reader kept calling him this week, King Charles Three.
By Muckracker May. 12, 2023

UK invite surprised me: ED

Mnangagwa leaves the country today despite attempts by some parliamentarians in the UK who last week demanded that the invite be withdrawn over allegations of human rights violations.
By Kenneth Nyangani May. 4, 2023