The nightmare of mining disasters

The government, regulatory bodies, and mining companies must work in accord to address the systemic issues that have led to these tragedies.
By Nyasha Mpahlo Jan. 12, 2024

Zim mines need web presence

Mining companies can increase leverage by using digital solutions to enhance operational efficiency, safety, sustainability, and decision-making.
By Jacob Mutisi Dec. 21, 2023

Tsapo Group becomes sole distributor of Ashok Leyland in Zimbabwe

"This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for both companies and countries. It is a testament of a shared vision of growth and innovation," Masocha said.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Dec. 19, 2023

SMEs urged to register IPs

The Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property chief registrar Willie Mushayi said the government reduced registration for SMEs fee from US$$200 to US$50 covering 10 years.
By Ropafadzo Makosi Dec. 12, 2023

Villagers clash with mining companies

Hlabangana said the companies had done little or nothing to rehabilitate the roads or invest in community development projects.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 3, 2023

Egyptian cement firms eye local market

While the KCL’s plants have since come back online, cement prices still remain high.
By Blessed Ndlovu Nov. 24, 2023

CSO courts BCC on waste management policy

The MIHR said: “Section 44: the term “invalid” is derogatory and we propose that the by-law adopts a human rights term that does not discriminate.”
By Silas Nkala Nov. 22, 2023

Pensioners to be compensated for 2007-9 losses

Mujoma urged relatives of deceased life assurance policyholders to come forward so that designated beneficiaries receive their dues.
By Problem Masau Nov. 17, 2023

Harmonising profits: Transfer pricing policies in Zim firms

As the business landscape evolves, companies must remain adaptable and proactive in their approach to transfer pricing, ensuring compliance, fairness, and sustainable practices.
By Tonderai Munengami Nov. 10, 2023