‘New houses must take climate change into consideration’

Kitio said with worries over the effects of traditional buildings on climate escalating, measures to limit the carbon footprint were immediately required.
By Julia Ndlela 13h ago

Financial sector: More than just banking

By taking a climate risk lens at their portfolios and transactions, the financial sector can identify opportunities for steering capital towards climate investments.
By Cynthia Tapera 13h ago

How rich nations can unlock financing for Africa

Climate change increasingly drives droughts in Africa, jeopardising water supplies.
By William Ruto 13h ago

Battle for survival: Climate change takes a toll on Zim’s marginalised women and children

Lubanda is among villages in Binga that suffer persistent water shortages, owing to dearth of water infrastructure and sporadic borehole breakdowns.
By Moses Mugugunyeki May. 19, 2024

Sustainable switch: Climate focus

In recent months, the natural El Niño phenomenon, which warms the surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean, has also raised temperatures.
By Sharon Kimathi May. 17, 2024

African food systems are better understood as food baskets not value chains

Climate change is opening people’s eyes to the fact that every commodity has a complement and a substitute.
By Charles Dhewa May. 15, 2024

Put children at centre of climate investments: Unicef

The UN agency also called for programmes to strengthen the resilience of households to deal with climate-related emergencies.
By Priviledge Gumbodete May. 14, 2024

Volunteerism, the possible missing link in climate adaptation, mitigation

The passion for climate action and justice being displayed by diverse groups, organisations and institutions is not necessarily motivated by volunteerism.
By Peter Makwanya May. 13, 2024

Red Cross intervention eases Binga water woes

In the dry season, the basin-level water resources in Binga are low which contributes immensely to water scarcity in the area.
By Moses Mugugunyeki May. 12, 2024